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abnormal stress test and candida
03-26-2013, 07:46 PM
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abnormal stress test and candida
Subject: abnormal stress test and candida
Author: Kelly

Hi Everyone,

Am making my first visit to the "cardiologist" today. Had an abnormal stress test. I'm posting here today because I know that if it turns out that I have any kind of heart disease, It will probably be recommended that I try a specific kind of diet or even certain meds for my heart. Did a little research and found some facts on Wilkipedia that seemed to back up what Polly and others have promoted here on the site - that hydrogenated oils are more likely to promote heart disease, so it seems as if I could still continue using my organic butter, coconut oil and olive oil. I just wondered if anyone else has a similar situation as mine - heart disease in the family line, and yet you are also trying to self treat for candida. I want to make sure that I don't start taking some medication that will throw my whole system off and put me back to square one. Would love any suggestions regarding herbs or supplements to combat both problems without making one or the other worse! The latest treatments I have used are: olive leaf, a vitamin that included garlic and grapeseed extract. I was also taking vitamins A, D, E, and K. I recently stopped all treatments because I wanted to see if the indigestion I was experiencing was really that, or heart related. Have also had numbness in my left arm.

* Response...

Subject: Re: abnormal stress test and candida
Author: Polly

Hi Kelly,

What is most controversial right now is the use of statins to lower cholesterol. You might take a look at what Dr. Mercola has on his website about their use. The statins reduce your liver's ability to produce coenzyme Q10. As you know, yeast deplete your coenzyme Q10 / ubiquinol by altering the coenzyme Q10 in your food to a form that you cannot use. Statins can cause some genetic abnormalities that aren't reversed when you stop them. Also, you need the cholesterol to protect your body from the toxins generated in the gut. If your cholesterol is below 160, some doctors recommend that you take cholesterol supplements to bring the levels up and protect yourself. There is also a book out about cholesterol, which says that cholesterol generally isn't the problem. Of course, there is a point at which the statins could be useful. Dr. Mercola mentions genetic cases where the cholesterol skyrockets to over 300. .

Taurine, ubiquinol, magnesium and acetyl-L-carnitine are very important for the heart. All of these should be considered when you have dysbiosis.

The ubiquinol is the best form of coenzyme Q10 to employ. It is depleted by yeast overgrowth. Ubiquinol is pretty low if you have diabetes. (So, it is horrible when doctors prescribe statins to diabetics without adding in ubiquinol.)

If you have or have had Clostridia overgrowth, you will want to pay particular attention to the L-carnitine.

Yeast deplete taurine. The Japanese found that 3,000 mg of taurine per day could help in cases of heart arrhythmia. If you check on the net, people are using up to 5,000 mg of taurine spread throughout the day for this condition. However, I'd start with less and let your body get used to the taurine.

Magnesium is usually in short supplement when there is dysbiosis. However, taking too much magnesium orally can cause diarrhea. You may want to get some magnesium in through your skin, by spraying on Epsom salts dissolved in water. Or putting the dissolved Epsom salts in olive or coconut oil and putting that on the skin.
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