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Antibiotics and; Candida
03-26-2013, 06:40 PM
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Antibiotics and; Candida
Leyardia Black, ND, of Lopez Island, Washington, points that Candidiasis is basically a twentieth century disease resulting from developments like antibiotics, birth control pills, and estrogen therapy. It can be triggered at a very young age, when children are first being treated with antibiotics." DR. Chaitow agrees, " Fully thirty five percent of women using birth control pills have associated causes of acute vaginal candidiasis, and there are undoubtedly many others who have less pronouced evidence of yeast overgrowth as immune competence is gradually compromised by the hormonal onslaught. (1)


*Author: Kelly
I just started taking amoxicillan for my throat infection. I'd had the infection for about 2 months, and tried everything to get rid of it - using a neti pot and grape seed extract (GSE), sleeping lots, etc. I REALLY didn't want to use an antibiotic, but the infection was wearing me down.
I've already seen the negative side affects in less than 24 hours - more bloating and gas, nausea, etc, and my throat still hurts! I'm kicking myself for not having the doc do a throat culture first just to make sure it WAS bacterial. I'm going to try using the drug for 8 more hours, and if I don't see an improvement in my throat, I think I'll quit.
Does anyone know how long it takes for an antibiotic to show results when fighting a bacterial infection? Please respond even if you have a good guess, I don't want to keep taking this drug any longer than I have to if I don't need it.

*Author: Justin
Oh....quick start triple dosing on probiotics!

This could be good! If I could go back in time to the days when I took amoxicillin I'd take pros.

What if the antibiotic kills the yeast to the point where its almost gone? But then comes back because its so hard to kill. But...your taking pros and so the amoxicillin kills the yeast and the pros step in and finish the job!

I hope. Please try and ask for a Physician's Guide and an order of Theralac and Truflora. Please. You can get it before you are done with your course of antibiotics.

If you try it and it works, then that's two people who found a great system for healing!

I took 3 Theralac and 1 or 2 Truflora for err well 30 - 45 days. Which got exspensive, but it was worth it! And you must do the no gluten, sugar, or yeast diet.

You'll see after 4 days that the pros are working great and the Physician's Guide acknowledges candida!

Stay on the antibiotics to kill the yeast and take pros and get better! Or stop the antibiotics and take the pros and get better!

Oh and the throat infection. I've had one for ages 3 years and lately I've been gargling the peroxide and I've been watching it go away. I tried nystatin and it just came back I know it is from candida. I'm hoping that as my pros take hold that it will go away.

Keep us updated!

*Author: Kelly Krause
Thanks for the advice, Justin. To my knowledge, antibiotics don't kill yeast, they usually kill bacteria. That's why they are so bad for yeast problems - however, if I have a bacterial overgrowth in the gut, they will kill that. Yeast proliferates because the antibiotics kill all the bacteria both good and bad. I only started taking the amoxicillan because I was about 90% sure the problem in my throat was bacterial. Turns out I think I was right, as the day went on, my throat improved big time. Did you have doctors tell you to take antibiotics to kill yeast? If so, what was the reasoning behind that?

I took your advice before I even read this, and started a probiotic called culturelle. I also ordered some of the theralac you had mentioned in your last post (at first I was confusing the product with "threelac," a probiotic I had tried in the past, and found helpful, but not a wonder drug. The theralac looks interesting, and I hope it will help.

I am DEFINITELY going to tread carefully while I'm on the antibiotic and go real low carb/sugar.
Thanks again for your quick response and support!
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