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Can magnesium stimulate candida growth?
03-26-2013, 06:41 PM
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Can magnesium stimulate candida growth?
Magnesium and calcium compete with the body’s chemical status. Because of this many supplements combine magnesium and calcium products and are often recommended for maintaining proper balance of these two minerals and it requires ratio about 2:1 for calcium:magnesium. People that readily absorb calcium tend to have magnesium deficiencies. (1)


Magnesium deficiency , especially in red blood cells, is quite common in conditions like fibromyalgia despite a high magnesium diet and supplementation. If the carrier protein for magnesium is damaged, magnesium deficiency develops as a result of malabsorption. Muscle pain and spasms can occur as a result. (2)


*Author: Cheshire77
Hi all. This is my first post to this group.

A few weeks ago I tried taking magnesium citrate (600mg magnesium). For the first couple of days I had more energy, then my mood deteriorated (irritable), I developed brain fog and I developed itchiness around my anus. This seemed to me pretty convincing candida outbreak symptoms.

This prompted me to do some research on oral magnesium supplementation and candida. George Eby, a scientist and prominent proponent of magnesium supplementation warns that oral magnesium can stimulate candida growth. I also came across the following laboratory research which appears to back this up.

I know many candida sufferers take oral magnesium supplements, presumably without provoking major candida outbreaks. Has anyone else experienced a similar negative response as me?

My personal experience and research frightened me off oral magnesium. I have recently been taking Epsom Salt baths and have just started using spray-on magnesium oil as well. Very early days, but I felt more relaxed right from my first bath. Quite different from the oral magnesium citrate, which gave me more energy, but did nothing for my mood.

BTW, I suffer depression which may have been brought on by candida.


*Author: Ruth
The liquid magnesium I tried was magnesium citrate, which almost immediately gave me a horrific ear buzz. I only looked later and saw what type it was. I already know that reg Vit C drastically makes my candida worse. I can take another form thou and in fact need to, to sleep sometimes.
BTW I was out of town that night and finally took 4 Cal-Mag-zinc tablets and got some relief.
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