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Candida Overgrowth Symptoms
03-26-2013, 07:07 PM
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Candida Overgrowth Symptoms
Candida lives as a commensal fungus in all of us. It is on every mucous membrane or wet internal surface in your body including the digestive tract. It competes against Good Bacteria in our system. There is nothing that you can do to completely eliminate it. If there is an overgrowth, it can cause many types of problems in the mouth you get thrush, in the esophagus and in the intestines, particularly after taking antibiotics and In people with immune system disorders, candida overgrowth can cause painful esophageal overgrowth as well. Candida infections can also occur in other parts of the body as well. According to ’Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Candidiasis: 2009 Update by the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

“Candida species are the most common cause of invasive fungal infections in humans, producing infections that range from non–life‐ threatening mucocutaneous disorders to invasive disease that can involve any organ.” (1)

(1) Candida Symptoms:

*Author: marieblanche
just got out of three days in hospital for investigation... I was hoping that they would recognize candida infection in my body. They do admit gut candida infection... but when it came to the colonies in my arms and legs and all the spread throughout my body of the yeast, they didnt buy that. they said candida doesnt spread like that and it makes lesions (i have nothing apparent, simply atrocious prickly burning in these sites), so i had none of the "normal" symptoms. They said atypical psychosomatic symptoms and was sent home with a consultation with a psychosomatic shrink.
They looked for everything BUT. celiac disease, liver parasites, parasites, etc etc.
How stupid of me to ever think that they could detect this.
Also I couldnt eat the hospital food as i must stick to the diet ever so strickly. My body's so loaded with this yeast, i dont see any way out of this.
This afternoon a friend told me of someone with candida who ended up killing herself.

*Author: Tom
Marie, I took a book written by doctors at Harvard Medical School to a dermatoligist that explained how Candida mutated and spread throughout the body. I had to persist just to get him to read one paragraph and when he did read it he slammed the book closed and told me not to believe everything I read. He then tried to give me an anti-biotic shot. I would have received better treatment from his nurse, she shook her head in dis-belief and I think she understood but she couldn't say anything.
I gave up long ago looking for someone who could help me, you are on your own with this, you have to take full responsibility and go with it. I tried the pharmaceutical antifungal drugs that were obtained out the back door and they seemed to help at first but soon lost their effectiveness, candida becomes quickly resistant to these drugs.
I'll repeat what I said previously, cellfood is the best remedy I've found, I am definitely getting a positive response from it and I don't say this lightly, this is very powerful stuff, get you some and try it. I suggest you start with a very low dose maybe just 3 drops twice a day until you learned the dose right for you and then increase as you are able to tolerate it.


*Author: marieblanche
yeah, that was a very useless move to go to hospital, though they were opened to intestinal candidiasis.

i dont know where to get cellfood. i dont know if it is sold in canada. i will try it as soon as i can and follow your other protocols.

i simply have stopped eating for the past three days so symptoms stay low. otherwise it is burning insanely in my body and the pressure is atrocious. i dont know what will become of me, since at this stage, it is pretty much uncurable.

my legs arms chest stomach are all full of this prickly burn. and i whither from no food.

thanks from your kind advice though.

*Author: Victoria in NY
I have some of this stuff too and it IS potent. I was putting it in my water bottle in the morning, but sometimes if I drank my water too fast I would get a die-off at work. No good! I stopped using it temporarily but will start again after your reminder here. It's always hard to start a new therapy knowing you are going to have to go through the die-off and lose one or more days being useless and feeling crappy and neurotic (at least this is how my die-offs are). How long have you been using it? What do you think is in it that is so effective against the candida? It is supposed to oxygenate the cells somehow, right? And candida don't like oxygen as they are anaerobic? I assumed this was why it was working....

*Author: Tom
I know what you mean with the die off, if you don't understand it you will probably discard the cellfood as bad stuff. I can only tolerate about 4 drops twice a day for a few days and then I have to stop and rest.
The way I understand how it works is it splits water molocules into Oxygen and Hydrogen, you get O3 and an isotobe of hydrogen at the cellular level. I am seeing dramatic postive results with this and it's not just wishful thinking. I think it might take a while for the final answer to be known but for now this is the magic bullet for me. I plan on stocking up with at least a years supply soon, if this is discovered by the general public with postive results reported, no doubt the FDA will step in and ban it.
I also mix 20 drops of cellfood with 2 ounces of aloe vera juice and use it on the skin, this resulted in a deep itching on my face which told me it was working.

*Author: marieblanche
how many people here have been told they are mental or psychosomatic while trying to get treated for candida?

everyone in my surroundings now thinks that i am insane because i say eating just increases my symptoms, and i try this and that... ANd mostly because doctors didnt validate at all...

*Author: sans sucre
Oh, yes, I can relate. My primary doc at the time gave me a script to see a shrink when I told her I had figured out what I had. So, I fired her and went to a medical center that had an alternative clinic (many of the larger ones do these days) and got taken seriously there. Now, at least in some of the more progressive areas of the country, traditional docs are slowly starting to come around, but it is going take a long time to hit everywhere.

*Author: marie-blanche
they do accept intestinal candidiasis after too much antibiotics, corticosteroids, etc. But they dont accept it can spread elsewhere unless you have aids...

*Author: marie-blanche
i just cant figure out what the hell has spread through my body if it isnt candida - and they didnt even test me thoroughly for parasites and bacterias

*Author: Courtney
I went through 3 years of hell w/doctors. Yes, I was pretty much called insane.
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