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Cholesterol and Candida Diet
03-26-2013, 07:06 PM
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Cholesterol and Candida Diet
The cholesterol ratio is a number that is helpful in predicting an individual's risk of developing atherosclerosis. The number is obtained by dividing the total cholesterol value by the value of the HDL cholesterol. High ratios indicate higher risks of heart attacks. An average ratio would be about 4.5, the best ratio would be 2 or 3, or less than 4

Another ratio is LDL/HDL. The LDL/HDL ratio, LDL is a measure of "bad' cholesterol and HDL is a measure of "good" cholesterol, whereas the total cholesterol is the sum of HDL, LDL, and the VLDL. Very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) cholesterol is a type of lipoprotein. Adding up the values for the HDL, LDL and VLDL makes up the total cholesterol measurement. Your VLDL level usually isn't reported to you as a part of a routine cholesterol test. Even though the total cholesterol/HDL ratio is not as accurate or pure as the LDL/HDL ratio, it is more commonly obtained because the total cholesterol is easier and cheaper to obtain than the LDL cholesterol level. (1)

(1) High Cholesterol

*Author: cholesterol and candida diet
Just wondered if anyone had any advice if one has found that their cholesterol is high, and yet must still follow the candida diet. High being 249 with 199 good cholesterol and 35 bad. I still need to research this, but a friend is worried that eating high fat foods like organic butter is going to cause problems - even though the butter is effective in suppressing the yeast.

*Author: Polly
Cholesterol protects you from being poisoned by the toxins coming from your intestines. In fact, if you have cholesterol below 160, they suggest that you take cholesterol supplements to help protect yourself. I wouldn't worry that much about your present reading. More thyroid and taurine may help bring it down a little. Thyroid and taurine don't interfere with the production of cholesterol. Instead they help your body use the cholesterol. That is the healthy non-toxic way to bring cholesterol down.

*Author: Victoria in NY
My cholesterol is high as well. I was wondering what to do about it and how concerned I should be, so thanks for the info Polly! Also, thanks for the feedback about the Biamonte Center. I was considering going there at some point, if desperate enought, but it is good to know that I shouldn't waste (more of) my money! Can you tell me any more about the other practictioner that you recommended in NY? What kind of treatments does she offer and how would it be better than following my own course of treatment as I have been? I'm running out of money!

*Author: Kelly
Ok - who are "they" and could you recommend a site that shares data supporting this? No offense, but most medical doctors say that total cholesterol should be at 118 or lower. I'll need facts and data to back up a statement like this. I appreciate the info, though. It just helps to have supportive evidence in the form of studies, etc to back up ones argument when speaking to medical personnel. The use of taurine sounds good - that's easy. Not so sure about thyroid, however I could suggest he have his thyroid checked.

*Author: Kelly
Let me correct myself - that should be 200 or lower for the cholesterol level.

*Author: Polly
There is a book out on the cholesterol myth. However, I wasn't referring specifically to that book. Only the fact that very low readings of cholesterol are associated with higher mortality rates. Also, cholesterol protects one from endotoxins. Here is an article that supports those statements.

*Author: Kelly
I appreciate the references. I just want to be "armed" with the information to share with the doc when we see her. Don't know what she thinks about this, so it's good to have backup.

*Author: Marilyn in Sidney

More than 40 studies show that 2-3 Gm of Vitamin C daily can lower cholesterol by 50% - 70%.

*Author: Kelly
Thanks Marilyn - another easy thing to try. He's already following the diet and has lost weight - so this would be a simple supplement to add to his regime.
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