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constipation and mental confusion
03-26-2013, 06:57 PM
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constipation and mental confusion
In the elderly, constipation can have dangerous complications, such as acute mental confusion, urinary retention, urinary incontinence and fecal impaction. (1)


*Author: Marilyn in Sidney

Constipation is not caused by a lack of dietary fiber. Constipation, like asthma, is caused by opioid peptides in wheat- and dairy products and beta-carbolines in prepared food. (proteinous prepared food in particular)

*Author: Paul uk
This post is from a forum discussing autism symptoms

Constipation issues: motility vs. reflex lack
One of my son’s biggest issues is constipation, he used to
respond to Oxy powder for a while, but now magnesium in any form makes
him nuts and don’t work.

One month ago almost, he’s quit magnesium laxatives and started
on 5-asa plus fluconazole plus flagyl, and although he improved
overall and stools became perfect, he’s still constipated, he goes every
3 to 6 days then, we thought that that confirmed our hypothesis of
lack of motility prob metal poison induced. Last time -3 days ago- we tried a glycerin sup (to avoid enema)
and for our surprise it worked 3 minutes after we’ve put it in,
probably just by activating a reflex. He expelled the sup first in the exact same way we had put it in since it hadn’t had enough time to melt down. A couple of blood drops came out with suppository. This event now makes us wonder if something is wrong with his sphincter making him feel a lot of pain and/or the lack of
reflex is what is causing his bm low frequency. Please share your experience/ideas if consider it may help.. TIA!

My reply

As per my very good friend Gary Smith's paper pathogens promote
inflammation to hide from the immune system ...Most with IBS who
have undergone a Colonoscopy examination [including myself] the
inflammation is apparent. It explains the constipation side of IBS .. Our
digestive system is basically a tube running through the body, inflammation
of the "tube" reduces the diameter of the tube [gut] making it
difficult to void the stool , faecal matter backs up increasing the volume of
the stool .Treat the basic cause which is infection ..Paul

Martins Reply

Dear Paul,
thank you for this post, I’ve never heard something like "the
constipation side of IBS" before, even gastro specialised in autism
didn’t agree to try constipation as you’ve suggested.
I’ve discussed it with my sons paediatrician and he accepted to try adding a
round of nitazoxanide + HBOT to the existing dose of 5-asa, then 15
days later... VOILA!!!
Our son started to poo as he’d never ever before! Every day, perfect
shaped, colour and smell!!
This seems to end a more than 4 years fight against constipation,
which includes blood, screams, violent enemas, suppositories, and of
course a lot of suffering...
By the way, have you got an hypothesis on why my son started to show
also an improvement -although modest- regarding his extreme low
pigmentation issues? just better nourished?

*Author: Polly
There was a hospital ward where all the people had nerve damage such that they could not poop. So, every day at 4 o'clock (or some such afternoon hour) everyone got an enema. When then skipped the enema one day, everyone went poop on their own at the appointed hour. Maybe what that other post was about, was all the reminder the body needed that it would have to go poop soon.
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