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Finger Nails, Hair, Skin
03-26-2013, 07:44 PM
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Finger Nails, Hair, Skin
Subject: Finger Nails, Hair, Skin
Author: Vanitee

Hi EV1. I have not been aboard in quite sometime. I am on a quest to welcome any thoughts, views or suggestions on how to treat fingernail problems. First of all, my nails do not grow. They are extremely brittle, dark and bumpy. I'm quite ashamed of my hands unless I have nail tips on them with dark color added. Secondly, my cuticles are hard and very very dry. I tried taking Biotin and Keratin but it will only grow them at a snails pace. My cuticles seem to suffer the most damage. Is there anything I can purchase to help alleviate the problems. My skin to is very very dry. Please let me know your responses.

Thank you kindly.

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Subject: Re: Finger Nails, Hair, Skin
Author: Polly

Symptoms of thyroid deficiency include slow growing dry hair, brittle nails, and dry skin. Take the Broda Barnes Basal metabolism test, and then see an alternative doctor about a trial of Armour thyroid. Low thyroid is very common when there is Candida / Dysbiosis.

There are other deficiencies associated with Candida / Dysbiosis. However, what you are describing seems to fit low thyroid.

If it is low thyroid, it is fairly likely that your fingernail moons are very small as well.

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Subject: Re: Finger Nails, Hair, Skin-Polly
Author: Vanitee

Thank you for your reply.

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Subject: Re: Finger Nails, Hair, Skin
Author: Janice

I would like to help you in your quest. However I would need to know some more information. If you are still on this forum Please respond and we can go from there.

Chin up!
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