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Fungal Bronchitis
03-26-2013, 07:06 PM
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Fungal Bronchitis
Bronchitis can involve bacteria, virus and fungus, especially after another infection. Bronchitis is very common following a sinus infection due to the post-nasal drip of thickened mucus.

If antibiotics were taken for a sinus infection and bronchitis occurs chances are bronchitis started from mucus reaching the bronchi then attracting yeast. This yeast can congregate in the sinus and respiratory mucus membranes and make the discharge even thicker and harder to remove.

Antibiotics can lead to yeast infections as they kill “friendly” bacteria along with the bad. The balance of good and bad bacteria is important to our immune system and helps prevent infections. (1)


*Author: marie-blanche
I went to my doctor today who is also savvy about candida. he told me he had never seen such an extreme case as me, and i belonged in a hospital with antifungal ivs...

he was also at a loss to explain my symptoms - i seem to have two colonies of candida, one in my leg, one in my arm, swollen, prickly burn. I was asking is it possible that I have candida there under the skin and in the muscles???

i am now sure it is in my lungs and bronches. as the asthma bronchits medecine i was taking promotes it. but in the muscles?

so i am looking for a candida specialist in the usa so i can ask these questions through email.

Anyone know?

*Author: Polly
Sherry Rogers in New York may be your best bet. I wonder about the leg and arm. It might be another infection, possibly bacteria?

*Author: marie-blanche
its just weird. when i had serious gut infection with candida, i had this prickly burning, very typical. and then, with the die-off, you get this feeling of dust or itchy dust lifting from the site. well, same there, in the arm and leg. actually, i wonder if i am not completely invaded since so weakened by weeks of bronchitis and flus and bed ridden.
but may also be due to accumulated toxins there, or die-off not flushed.

when i dont take the chinese antifungal herbs, my god, the symptoms i get. its downrigh scary.

doctor today prescribed Sporanox. Reading the side effects, dear god, i decided to try and fight this another way. Congestive heart failure? Jaundice? Candida seems better, however bad it is. Sporanox will be a last resort.

*Author: Victoria in NY
Hi Marie-Blance. Nice to see you on here again. I was a little worried about you after your last post. You seemed very unwell.

I have looked into a place here in NY called the Biamonte Center that has an extensive candida treatment program. A lot of it looks very good, although I decided that the order he does things in was not right for me. Still, they have a lot of experience in dealing with candida.

I think you're right to be cautious about something that is going to be so hard on your body (esp liver, it sounds like) when you are already so weak and your liver is probably already overloaded from all the candida toxins. Wondering if you are taking anything to support detox? I'm sure your detox pathways must be really overloaded and out of whack by now--mine were.

Also, I have a friend who swears he had a candida infection in his leg. It was all swollen and the doctors didn't know why and they did some crazy surgery to remove some of the blood vessels. It went away with anti-fungals and the diet. He also says he used apple cider vinegar compresses on it, although I have never heard of that anywhere else. But he thinks it helped.

Also, when my candida is acting up, I get pain in my knee(s) and back. At one point I was walking on crutches because it was so bad. Some of this may have been due to food allergies, but I definately feel like my candida moves around my body, to whatever part of me is the weakest.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

*Author: marie-blanche
hi victoria, actually am pretty desperate. my immune system has just completely given up on me and candida seems to be spreading like wild fire. i now have an apparent bladder infection...

i know its sounds hysterical, and i remember, before on this post, i used to not believe people who said they had candida elswhere than gut. but i feel its spreading throughout my body, and like from the ball in the leg and in the arm, they just colonize even further; this morning i was so weak and went to chinese doctor (lying down on the back of my aunts car) to get more herbs. theyre the only one that help. from my bladder i felt a gush of burning pain going in the right groin. and it hurts for a while and then its just low grade prickly burning.

this has been going on throughout my body; one day, the spleen started hurting like crazy, then it quieted down then the burning started in the gallbladder.

i know its sounds insane, but I am not insane, i am Ph D in oriental languages from Paris, and i had a brilliant career before this incredible nightmare started again thre four months ago.

the doctor i saw yesterday was at a loss, he said i belonged in a hospital setting with antifungal iv. but here, we cant get that, with this useless healthcare system.

but this whole ever slow but unfailable dissemination of candida in my body is terrifying. i cry in anguish because i dont at all feel i can win this battle.

*Author: Polly

Take a look at this article on bile. It suggests that bile might neutralize a lot of the toxins you are absorbing from your gut.

*Author: Victoria in NY
Hi Marie-Blanche. It seems that there must be something else suppressing your immune system in order for the candida to be spreading so much? Have you been test for various viruses and other things that might cause this?

What types of foods are you eating now? There is maybe something in your diet that is feeding the candida? Are you super strict on the diet?

I'm sorry that you are so sick. And I certainly don't think it sounds insane. I have had bladder and kidney problems that I believe were caused by candida and I do believe it moves around my body, especially when I am trying to get rid of it.

Maybe you can contact the clinic in New York that I suggested and see what they have to say? I don't know beyond following the diet and taking antifungals and probiotics what to suggest. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber? This is expensive, but it supposed to have amazing healing benefits.

One more question...have you been tested for heavy metals? Maybe you have mercury poisoning that is repressing your immune system and causing the yeast overgrowth?

Are you consistent in taking the antifungals? Like don't miss a dose ever?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just not sure what you have tried/are trying now....

Keep me posted and try not to despair!

*Author: marie-blanche
i am in canada and my only option now, is pretty much the chinese herbs which dont do the job entirely. of course my immunity is completely shot because in my opinion of candida itself. and also because of the cortisone injections i got which cancelled out my immunity.

i just dont know how long i have. my doctor couldnt tell except that my case is so extreme that i should be in hospital with iv antifungals. he thought we should try to convince the medical establishment to treat me, but he knows very well this is impossible.

when no medecine works anymore, candida spreads like wildfire with such incredible pains inside my body (like that hot iron in the chest). it seems there are several sites in my body where it settled and spreading from, the leg, both arms now. the bladder now and god knows.

i think even in the usa in the best medical institutions they couldnt diagnose me.

so am looking at slow but unavoidable progression of the symptoms and disease until am only a huge pain. and they will think am insane because they cant find anything wrong with me.

I know all of this sounds bizarre even to candida sufferers. but please, never accept intraveinous cortisone. look what happens if you do.

*Author: Polly
Victoria, so far, we have not had any good reports from patients visiting the Biamonte center. Only a report of no help and high expenses. Until that changes, I'd stick with Dr. Sherri Rogers in New York.

Marie-blanche, like Victoria says, there could be other infections present right now --- viruses, bacteria,...

Have you ever tried bile supplements?

*Author: marie-blanche
i am in terrible terrible pain. now the bladder got touched. yes i was told to consult in tropical medecine.

here the problem is it is SOCIALISED medecine, not much better than your worst public hospitals... you have to wait and wait for testing, treatments, doctors appointments. cancer patients used to die on waiting lists for treatments!!!

so if i go to a doctor, he orders the tests that the government pays for, he cannot admit me unless this and that, doctors cannot do what they want, investigate what they want.

as a result, i am here for a month and half now suffering terrible symptoms, getting over a series of bronchitis, with simply no medical care at all. i went to emergency wards 3 times. once we waited so long we gave up (my little niece waited 9 hours to be seen - she had pneumonia and 2 ear infections!). second time after 4 hours wait at a clinic, doctor simply refused to evaluate me and said i was a hospital case and maybe a tropical disease case to go to a hospital. third time i was chucked out at 1AM because i only had bronchitis and not pneumonia.

in any case, for candida, they dont even have a test to establish. and if i do have other bugs in my system, i dont even know how to get the tests required, because there are very few tropical medecine specialists here and i tried all my connections already.

yes i may have parasites or exotic bugs (i just came from southeast asia where this ordeal started), but I do believe that somehow candida is involved or something in the same nature.


*Author: marie-blanche
and also what genius doctor could figure out all the symptoms I have... 'balls' of prickly burning in the arms and legs, bladder pain, respiratory troubles, a pain so great (when i dont take chinese herbs which are in their view crap) that i could scream... no one...

i just wonder how all this will end and what is going to happen to me.
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