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HELP kinda off topic
03-26-2013, 07:45 PM
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HELP kinda off topic
Subject: HELP kinda off topic/but not really
Author: CM

Hi All,
Can anyone help me with this problem? Or do you know anyone who can speak with experience to this issue. We bought a house unknowingly it was contaminated with 18 years of cat urine. The seller covered it up really well with paint and berber carpet. We only saw the house in the cooler weather. It was empty for a year 1 1/2. We did not get a deal/seal on this house; we paid top dollar.

Now we have this huge cat urine contamination mess. It is growing black and white mold; it is horrible. We don't really have money for lawyers. There are so many opinions on the net as to what will work to get rid of it.

It appears the owner painted it over with kilz. And let me tell you Kilz does not work. I can't believe the people I have talked to who say just paint it over with Kilz.

We have ripped all the carpet out, the sheet rock 4 feet high off the insulation out. There is cat pee everywhere.

I am really concerned about being around all this putrid smell and the mold.
Thanks for any help.

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Subject: Re: HELP kinda off topic/but not really
Author: Polly

There are mold remediation companies that take care of such things. They are expensive. They will rip out the sheetrock, sand the exposed wood, put on an antifungal (might contain arsenic, so ask first), and then bring in some heavy duty electric heaters to dry the wood, then put the drywall back. They will be wearing the appropriate face mask and throw-away clothes covering.
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