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Justin How Goes It?
03-26-2013, 06:42 PM
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Justin How Goes It?
Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) may also be known as small bowel bacterial overgrowth (SBBO). Our gastrointestinal tract, including the small and large intestines contain bacteria. Bacteria numbers are greatest in the colon, about 1,000,000,000 bacteria per ml of fluid, and lower in the small intestine, about 10,000 per ml of fluid. Types of bacteria within the small intestine are different than bacteria in the colon. SIBO refers to a condition with abnormally large numbers of bacteria, at least 100,000 bacteria per ml of fluid. With SIBO the types of bacteria in the small intestine resemble more the bacteria of the colon. (1)


*Author: Kelly
I was just wondering how adding in the breads, mocha's, and/or beer has been working out for you. I'm curious if you've had any setbacks or not.

It's weird, when I started taking the antibiotic, I had a lot of gas and bloating, but then things really settled down, and I actually felt better - maybe that's proof positive that I had a bacterial overgrowth. I've been using an antifungal herbal concotion called intestimax, and also taking minerals and vitamins. I'm still waiting for the theralac to arrive. My TSH results were normal. Still think I have candida too, because I react to carbs and sugars.

*Author: Tosh
Glad to hear your feeling better , i cant get out the bit at all, everytime i take anything it makes me feel like i am being poisened in my head and loads of other symptoms as well, thats 6wks on the diet i think i have laosed twice, its probably early days but i dont think i can keep it up, i have to confess i am a smoker yukkkk, and that is not helping me get better i have cut down but i have to stop , sorry for going on but i am fed up living like this , is there a way forward please

*Author: Kelly
Hey Tosh,

In a post lower down you said you had so much blood taken, but it all comes back clear. What did they test you for? Did you have your thyroid tested?

How is your doctor? Is he/she understanding? You mentioned that someone said it was anxiety - do you mean they were kind of telling you you're imagining it? If so, you might want to find someone who's more empathetic (not an easy thing to do when you're exhausted). It's hard to make headway without a doc who is willing to look beyond the tests.

Regarding anxiety - when I first started having recurring yeast infections, and had no idea about candida and chronic yeast issues, I went for about a year doing what the medical community told me to. Basically, they told me to use creams or short term diflucan. It took me a full year and a half to figure out it wasn't working. During that time I experienced a very intense clinical depression and severe anxiety. I had to take a leave of absence from work for about 4 months.
One thing that helped me through it was the use of the drug xanax. It took the edge off of the anxiety - which was the worst part of the depression for me. I still use it now, but VERY sparingly (I don't want to develop an attachment to it).
I was told as many folks are, that I would need to stay on antidepressants for life, or I would have a relapse.
Well, it's been 12 years since then, I've been off the antidepressant for that whole time (I was one of those people who had EVERY side effect the drug had to offer), and no relapse.
I seriously think that the depression I experienced was partially caused by the candida.

Do you mind sharing what you've tried (or re- sharing it again if you already did?) You mentioned that you have lots of head symptoms and loads of others. Like what?

*Author: Kelly
Oh, and by the way, I really AM NOT Sian - so don't be expecting any naturopathic wisdom from me! All I can share is personal experience! LOL

*Author: Tosh
What you mean about Sian i never mentioned her in my post , so why come across that topic again,mmmmmmmmmmmm, you got me wondering now

*Author: Justin
Hey all,

Mochas - Just had one an hour ago. Sometimes the caffiene gives me a little acid breath but I'll live. Otherwise one or two a week don't bother me.

Beer - Not going to do it. Mainly because (see bread).

Bread - I have tried again and again to eat yeasted bread. I'm done. Forever. I can literally feel the candida having a party then I get a little soft stool from the die off. Note: Pizza crust bothers me significantly less. I used to love beer. It's not worth it.

I had a little fall-back from eating bread. I uped my probiotics and now I'm back on track.

Not that you WANT to know, but I can tell I'm beating candida when I have one or two perfect stools a day. If any have an unholy halo Smile or are too soft I know that I had too much sugar.

I believe that breads, beers, and sugar should be avoided at all costs.

Rice seems to be fine so far.

The hydrogen peroxide experiment is interesting. If I take it at night I'm up all night. So sometimes I take 8 ozs in the morning. When I do my digestive system feels like a million bucks and I have energy to burn.

I still take ACV too once in a while. Now alledgedly after 6 months of being good I will be cured. We will see.

*Author: Kelly
sounds like you're on your way! I finally got the theralac and have started taking it along with the antibiotic. I've been a bit bad over the holiday and tried a dessert or two and more bread - paid for it with pain in my right side (kidney) again. you'd think I'd know better! So I know what you mean about the bread. I can't wait till I'm done with this antibiotic! I was really feeling better before taking it, and even though it's cleared up my throat problem, it's causing other setbacks with the candida.
Anyway, glad all is so much better for you - I remember when you posted the first few times a couple of months back - you've come a long way from there!

*Author: Justin

I appreciate everyones support. We really are all here to help eachother.

Yes. I've come far. I'm going to try my hardest never to go back. Not even to visit.

I will be curious to see how the Theralac does for you. I still take 2 a day.


*Author: Kelly
I'm kind of nervous about WHEN to use probiotics for me. It seems I may have had a bacterial overgrowth in my intestines. I seem to be having better elimination with the antibiotic, but I'm also having gas/bloating and female problems, so I know the yeast is still a problem. How do I make sure that I'm not overpopulating my intestine with bacteria when using the probiotics? Is it just trial and error - or is there a way to do this so I can get the right balance?

*Author: Polly
As far as I'm aware, it is just trial and error.

*Author: David
You mentioned the pizza crust seemed to cause less of a reaction for you. It is funny that Ive noticed the same thing when occasionally splurging on wheat. Do you think there is a reason for this or could we be making exceptions for ourselves?

*Author: Justin
It's the yeast. Pizza crust doesn't have yeast. Not sure why yeast feeds yeast but it's true.

Gluten feeds candida. Pizza crust is very little gluten compared to a cake or sandwich.
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