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Prilosec and Candida?
03-26-2013, 07:42 PM
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Prilosec and Candida?
Subject: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Stephen

After putting a camera down my throat and seeing thrush, my Ear-Nose-Throat MD diagnosed me with GERD. He put me on Prilosec for 30 days to eliminate my stomach acid.

He said that "in today's sterilized environment, we really don't need stomach acid because our food is already devoid of any bacteria."

I don't like taking Prilosec. It seems unnatural. The symptoms I have are consistent with a candida infection, but I need to learn more. What should I do? Is there a book that you recommend? Where should I start?

* Response...

Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Polly

The Prilosec will make the Candida worse. An acidic environment helps kill Candida. You need to take things to get rid of yeast. Also, you want to make sure your stomach can produce enough acid. Sometimes it is the lack of stomach acid that is causing the GERD. Since you have Candida in your system, this suggests that it is low stomach acid causing your problem, not high.

There is a simple test you can do that might help you determine what is going on. Dr. Joseph A. Debé suggests the following procedure. For an adult, put a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in 8 ounces of water and then have them drink it first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything else. Then check how long it takes before the person belches. If it is longer than 2 or 3 minutes before a belch is produced, then this is an indication of poor stomach acid production. A lot of immediate repeated belching might indicate excess stomach acid.

MSM tends to normalize stomach acid levels. So, this should help if your stomach acid level is high or low. The MSM generally helps many people with their intestinal issues. Start with a small amount if you try this. Your body may need time to get used to having more sulfur. .

One common reason for low stomach acid is a lack of zinc. So, take a multi-mineral, preferably a liquid one with zinc in it. Either that, or get your mineral levels measured by an alternative doctor, and work on balancing your mineral profile.

Another very common reason for lower stomach acid is and infection of H. Pylori. H.Pylori can hide in yeast, and the yeast can hide in your cells. So, you want to address both the yeast and the H. Pylori.

There are many products available to help eliminate H. Pylori. One of the better ones, recommended by Sherry Rogers, MD, is Pyloricidin by Tyler. She says 2 pills twice / day for
2-4 weeks .

Common treatments for a H. pylori infection are antibiotics (Omeprazole, Losec, and Amoxicillin), vitamin C, grapefruit seed extract, deglycerolized licorice, bismuth (Pepto-Bismol, but don't overdo this.), mastic gum, Active Manuka honey,
magnesium, zinc and monolaurin. Sulforaphane glucosinolate from broccoli sprouts will also kill H. pylori. Two anti-fungals have been shown to also kill H. Pylori and they kill some of the yeast that the H. Pylori lives in. These antifungals are Diflucan (fluconazole) and Nizoral (ketoconazole).

Published: September 7, 2009
"The dual activity of ketoconazole against both
H.pylori and fungi might be valuable because oral
yeasts have been proposed as potent reservoirs as well as protective vehicles for transmission of H.pylori to the human gastrointestinal tract [ 23]. Thus design of chemotherapeutic
regimens containing ketoconazole and
fluconazole will benefit patients by eradicating H.pylori as well as reducing the number of yeast microflora harbouring"

Antimicrobial Activity of Ketoconazole and
Fluconazole against Metronidazole Resistance
Strains of Helicobacter pylori

For author affiliations, see end of text.
Received July 24, 2007; Revised July 1, 2008; Accepted October 5, 2008
This paper is available online at
Resistance to drug such as metronidazole is one the commonest causes of
treatment failure while eradicating
Helicobacter pylori. Considering the safety of ketoconazole and fluconazole and
their inhibitory activity
on biosynthesis of fatty acids from cholesterol in cell membrane of H.pylori,
the idea of their efficacy
against H.pylori is raising. The aim of this study is to evaluate
susceptibilities of metronidazole-resistant
strains of H.pylori against two antifungal drugs, ketoconazole and fluconazole.
In this prospective crosssectional
study, 35 isolates of H.pylori from patients with digestive disorders were
recruited. Plates were
incubated microaerobically. Resistance to metronidazole, minimum inhibitory
concentrations (MIC) of ketoconazole
and fluconazole for H.pylori isolates were determined by two methods: disc
diffusion and agar
dilution. Disc diffusion method indicated that metronidazole resistance was seen
in 11 strains out of 35.
Ketoconazole and fluconazole MICs were 8 and 40mg/lit, respectively, which was
confirmed by agar dilution
method. Ketoconazole and fluconazole showed an excellent in vitro activity
against the H.pylori isolates.
However, in vivo activity of these drugs should be evaluated in controlled
clinical trials.
Keywords: Helicobacter pylori, Metronidazole resistance, Ketoconazole,

* Response...

Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Stephen

Wow, thanks for the info!

Looking closer at my prescription label, I see that it's not Prilosec. It's Omeprazole 20MG twice a day for 30 days.

I just starting taking it yesterday. Because I presented with a sore throat, my ENT wants me to stay on Omeprazole for at least a month. He figures that if I get better, than the problem is related to stomach acid...and not my throat or sinuses. I don't really like this approach. I think I lost confidence in his opinon when he said, "I have no clue what's causes thrush. My brother has the same condition."

Tomorrow morning, I'll do the baking soda test. I'm guessing it will show that I have low stomach acid, in part due to the Omeprazole.

(Thinking out loud here...) I should probably stop the Omeprazole and start taking MSM beginning with 500mg daily. I've got to get a handle on what ever is irritating my throat.

Any other suggestions?

* Response...

Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Polly

Well, I have a whole lot of suggestions. If you have had the sinus problems for a long time, then according to some research done by the Mayo Clinic, you likely are reacting to yeast / fungus in your sinuses. I would suspect that you are getting some post nasal drip into your throat that has a lot of yeast / fungus in it. That is what is probably keeping the infection going there.

You can go to an alternative doctor and ask for a prescription nasal spray of Diflucan or Sporanox to kill the fungus. Or you could first try an olive leaf nasal spray by Seagate. Sometimes people use a mixture of MSM and silver as a spray. I'd use the spray both in the nose and in the throat.

On the home page, you will find some articles under digestion that will help you get your stomach acid levels correct. Also, the different types of pancreatic enzymes are discussed. Getting the stomach acid level correct and taking some pancreatic enzymes is a big help to many people.

You may want to significantly cut back on sugars and carbohydrates. Eat organic whenever possible. Many people do better without wheat gluten and milk casein. (If cutting out gluten and casein seems quite helpful, then consider adding in an enzyme called DPP IV.) Also, potatoes can be a problem. Yet, you need some sugars and carbohydrates, or your liver won't do a good job of converting thyroid into its active form. Also, in general, all of your body's cells need some sugars.

If you are low on energy, then it may be due to some of the substances that the yeast have depleted. Yeast deplete coenzyme Q10. They get to the coenzyme Q10 in your food and turn it into a form that the body cannot use. Ubiquinol is a form of coenzyme Q10 that is probably better for most people. You need the coQ10 / ubiquinol for energy. Yeast also deplete alpha ketoglutarate. (Kirkman labs carries that.) This is important for cellular energy production as well. Yeast also deplete Pyridoxal-5-phosphate, also known as P5P or PLP. This is important for many many reasons, including helping your body to absorb the protein in your food. The yeast get rid of taurine. Taurine is important for many things. However, take the taurine with food, since it can increase stomach acid secretion.

There are many other vitamins that might be off as well. Especially if you have bloating after a meal, then you may have a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. This is very common in cases of IBS. This will interfere with your absorption of A, D, E, K1, K2, and B12. These help keep your intestine healthy, and yet they are probably low.

If you are cold, or easily fatigued, then you definitely need to consider thyroid as being possibly low. Low thyroid is a very common problem if the IBS is severe. However, low thyroid is often missed by blood tests. You need to go by symptoms and the basal temperature. You might want to look up Broda Barnes basal metabolism test. There is also a very good book by Broda Barnes called Hypothyroidism:the unsuspected illness. Adequate thyroid helps you get rid of the yeast.

If you have mercury "silver" fillings in your mouth, then you need to consider the fact that a body burden of mercury is interfering with your health. Reduce the load, and often the gut will do better. If there is mercury or other heavy metals, then you need to look into supporting methylation in your body with methyl-B12, methyl-folate, and Dimethylglycine. Mercury and heavy metals, and pesticides can interfere with the DPP IV enzyme.

Then of course, there are probiotics, antifungals, and anti-parasitic herbs. All of these may be of help.

There is a whole litany of products that can help you regain your health. Make sure to purchase quality products. Don't use the typical ones you find in a drug store. Generally, use powders or capsules rather than tablets. Generally try to get products without additives or with very few additives. If available, use liquid drops instead of gel capsules. Nutricology, Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, VRP are good brands.

* Response...

Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Polly

Almost forgot to mention which oils to use. Use the ones that humans have been using for centuries. Not the modern-day oils extracted from grains. Stick with organic butter, olive oil, coconut oil and a little fish oil in your diet.

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Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Stephen

Yes, I do have post nasal drip! I'm so glad you said that because I feel like you know exactly what I'm going through.

I will order supplements today:

- Olive Leaf Nasal spray in nostrils and throat every 2-4 hours.
- Ubiquinol CoQ10 -- 2 x 100mg
- Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid -- 1 x 300mg
- Taurine -- 3 x 1g (Label says to take on an empty stomach. Should I take with food instead?)
- Pyridoxal5phosphate -- 1 x 50mg

I will take the label's recommended dosage. Please let me know if you think I should do more of any one of these. I will also be taking my temperature each morning as described in the Broda Barnes basal metabolism test guidelines. And moderating my diet as suggested.

Thanks again for the info you provide. I'm hoping and praying this all works. Can you tell me what types of symptoms I can expect as I start following this regimen? Will I experience a die-off period or will I just start to generally feel better?

Thank you so much!

* Response...

Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Polly

When you cut back on sugar, milk and wheat, you can expect a withdrawal period and a die-off reaction. So gradually do this the first week. Then for another week or two, you might not feel that great, depending on how much is dying off (both yeast and bacteria). Try to keep up a large variety of food at each meal. You can use squash as a rather satisfying substitute for potatoes. And use rice as a rather satisfying substitute for wheat. However, be observant in how your body reacts to each item in your diet. You may be the exception and do better with wheat than rice for example.

From the very long list of things I suggested, I see that you keyed in on the things that are reduced by yeast and that are essential for your energy production. That is fine. It might be exactly what is best for you. Your cells need the energy in order to fight off the yeast. However, after you finish those supplements, you might want to then start experimenting with the digestive enzymes, stomach acid, minerals (especially magnesium, sulfur, selenium and zinc, although be careful not to get too much zinc), fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K1, K2), B12 and methylation support (methyl-folate, methyl-B12 and dimethylglycine). If you are fatigued, you might ask your doctor for a shot of B12. See if that makes a difference. For some people, supporting methylation also helps with energy. Zinc and selenium are needed for the body to use thyroid properly, so if these are low, replenishing them may help as well. If depression is an issue, then key in on methyl-folate, B12 and T3 thyroid.

There are so many things that interact and support each other, that it is like a puzzle as to what will help which person the most. Dr. Martin Pall’s observation is that when people can afford to take everything he has listed in his book, then people usually get better. (His list is longer than the one I’ve given you.) However, there is a lot to take. Perhaps it is better to rotate through your supplements. As soon as you feel the first batch has done its job, go on to the next. Yet, keep any that you felt were critical.

As for the amounts you are going to try, I have a few comments. I’m glad that you are going to try the ubiquinol at 2 x 100mg. Since the yeast is in your esophagus, perhaps you also have some yeast near the first part of the intestine. This means that the yeast is most likely getting to your ubiquinol well before you do. So, you might need a fairly large amount of the ubiquinol, which you are going to try. As for the P5P, one pill per day should be fine. Don’t take more, or else it can interfere with detoxification. Take the P5P away from other supplements because it is somewhat delicate. Take it in the morning, or else it might disturb sleep. However, after a few weeks, you might find that sleep is better. Same with the alpha-ketoglutarate and taurine. Take it in the morning or else at first, it might disturb sleep. With the taurine, you are considering rather large doses. These large doses are helpful for blood sugar control, heart rhythm, and for brain stability. However, I think anyone trying taurine should start with only a little. Give the body a chance to get used to it. Taurine will help your cells expel toxins. Getting rid of too much too fast could be hard on your body. Taurine is very helpful for those with multiple chemical sensitivity, but these people have to start with only 50 mg per day. Taurine increases acetylcholine production, which may increase stomach acid secretion. So take it a meal time. If you are starting with just a tiny bit, then you can dissolve it in water and put it under the tongue.

Even if you do repair the damage that the yeast has done to your body, you are stuck wondering what caused the yeast overgrowth in the first place. It seems to be poor diet, stress, and antibiotics. However, any trauma, including a viral infection or surgery will weaken the body and set the stage for yeast overgrowth. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I’ve read that the psychological strain associated with sinus problems is that “something stinks” in your life. Stomach problems is “Can’t stomach that.” I don’t think this is always true, but it is something to think about. Pay attention if that type of stress is in your life.

You didn’t mention if you are sensitive to perfume, paint, MSG and chemicals or not. Nor did you mention if you have bloating after meals or constipation or diarrhea with this. Also, I have no indication of your energy level, or possible problems with brain fog. If you would tell me those things, I could help you key in on what to try next.

* Response...

Subject: Sinus infection and Biofilms
Author: Polly

From Wikipedia:

"It has recently been shown that biofilms are present on the removed tissue of 80% of patients undergoing surgery for chronic sinusitis."

Kirkman and Klaire Labs carry products that help break up biofilms. The Klaire product is called Interphase and it contains EDTA.

Sodium-EDTA has been shown to enhance the performance of anti-fungals. Sodium-EDTA also breaks up biofilms. I wonder if this would be particularly appropriate for fungal infections of the sinuses? However, I've not heard if it is safe to use this in the sinuses or not.

This study says that MSM increases the delivery of EDTA to cells. I don't know if that would have any effect on biofilms or not. Maybe it would depend on which bacteria or parasites / viruses were present.

Assessment of methylsulfonylmethane as a permeability enhancer for regional EDTA chelation therapy.

Pharmacologic chelators do not effectively penetrate cell membranes and blood-brain barrier. This study assesses methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) as a permeability enhancer and an excipient to facilitate EDTA transport across biologic membranes, and to make possible localized, regional chelation. Topical application of MSM with C(14)EDTA onto the rat cornea led to uptake of the C(14)EDTA in all tested ocular tissues. Without MSM, EDTA did not penetrate the eye. The ability of MSM to deliver EDTA into an eye provides an opportunity for regional chelation therapy. Additionally, these studies suggest that MSM could also be an adjuvant for delivering ciprofloxacin and other chemical compounds to specific, local tissue sites.

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Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Stephen

About 3 weeks ago, I started taking Candex. The first morning, the bloating in my stomach was noticably reduced. I am also taking MSM, P5P, and staying away from sugar and processed food. Cravings ceased almost immediately. Whereas before I couldn't go two hours without feeling that I had to eat, now I seem to easily manage it. Sometimes I even have to remind myself to eat. My throat was still sore, but only intermittently. I feel so much better now. I still get a white coating on my tongue but it's not as bad as before.

Thanks Polly for pointing me in the right direction. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm so glad I didn't go down the Prilosec path.

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Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Polly

You are welcome. Please remember to take other minerals with the MSM. You don't want to become imbalanced.

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Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Stephen

I'm taking the ubiquinol and a supplement with 30mg zinc, 450mg magnesium, and 10.5mg B6. Maybe that's too much zinc?
And a digestive enzyme at the end of my meals.
I will add selenium and taurine as you suggest. I can't take afford everything on the list but is there anything really important that I'm leaving out?

Reading through your previous posts helped me theorize why I have this condition. I have been on a diet that is supposedly devastating to intestinal flora. Lots of sucralose. Also, my taste buds, skin, and throat started to change after getting two root canals fixed. That was a few weeks before my throat started to hurt. .

My bloated stomach has gone away, but I'm still worried because my bowels are not moving. I've considered doing one of those bowel cleanse from the health food store but was advised against it until I get this yeast under control. Any thoughts?

* Response...

Subject: Re: root canals, constipation
Author: Polly

That much zinc should be fine. I assume there is some copper in your multi-mineral to balance the zinc. The next time you purchase a multi-mineral, make sure there is some molybdenum in it. When using MSM, you also need some molybdenum. Molybdenum is often not included in a multi.

>And a digestive enzyme at the end of my meals.

Sounds good.

>I will add selenium and taurine as you suggest. I can't take afford everything on the list but is there anything really important that I'm leaving out?

You are at a good place. Once you have finished those, you can consider other things. Besides, it is best to start one thing at a time, to make sure it is tolerated.

>Reading through your previous posts helped me theorize why I have this condition. I have been on a diet that is supposedly devastating to intestinal flora. Lots of sucralose.

Sorry to hear that. Besides disrupting your intestinal flora, the sucralose has exposed you to a little extra benzene, formaldehyde and toluene. Depending on your genetics and how healthy you were at the time, your body may or may not have been able to get rid of these extra toxins. Glycine will help the liver get rid of the benzene. Glycine is relatively inexpensive if you get it as a powder.

>Also, my taste buds, skin, and throat started to change after getting two root canals fixed. That was a few weeks before my throat started to hurt.

Root canals are sometimes a big stress on the body. You may want to check if the root canals are a source of infection or undue stress. The CAVITAT machine helps detect some of those problems. An injection of xylocaine sometimes helps diagnose problems as well. Please read this article.

>My bloated stomach has gone away,

That is wonderful news.

>but I'm still worried because my bowels are not moving.

I just attended another autism conference. One of the doctors there mentioned using George’s Aloe vera to help soothe the intestines and get the bowels moving. Also, L-carnitine may help improve the tone of the intestines in the autism population. I would suggest that if you try L-carnitine, that you don’t over-do it. Too much is hard on your mitochondria. Of course, you should be getting some magnesium to help with bowel movement. Inositol is very important for intestinal movement. So is thyroid. Until things are normalized, you may want to try some smooth move tea or other herbs to help get things moving.

Bacteria that produce methane can cause constipation. By the way, people can technically be constipated even if they have a bowel movement every day. The poo associated with a particular meal should exit the body within 24 hours. For instance, if you eat corn or beets, the evidence should show itself within 24 hours in the stool.

More fat in the diet will increase the strength of the colon contractions. This may help. If you use some fiber, like grated carrots with the fat, more of it will reach the colon. However, the type of fat that you should be using is olive, coconut or organic butter. This will help kill the yeast in the colon. You might get a strong reaction unless you also follow up with something to absorb the toxins, like charcoal, green or red clay. I wouldn’t use bentonite clay because it contains aluminum.

You may want to look at the attogram program. First you start with fiber to help scrub out some of the yeasty mucous. (Don’t use too much too fast or this can constipate you.) They suggest adding some bentonite to absorb the toxins. I would suggest charcoal, green or red clay. Then later you add to that mixture something to kill the infection, like olive oil, olive leaf, coconut oil, caprylic acid, Grape seed extract, etc. It has to be done gradually, or it is too hard on the body.

>I've considered doing one of those bowel cleanse from the health food store but was advised against it until I get this yeast under control. Any thoughts?

Some of those are pretty harsh. Go at this gradually. After starting the attogram - like program, you might want to look into Dr. Usman’s protocol for getting rid of biofilms. Maybe a combination of these protocols would be helpful.

* Response...

Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Courtney

Polly is right. The Prilosec will make the candida worse. Unfortunately your doctor's belief that our food today doesn't have bacteria is just plain ignorant. I saw a bumper sticker once that said "doctors are the third leading cause of death". It's so disheartening that so many doctors aren't educated and give their trusting patients wrong information. I'm sorry but your post just made me really want to vent about doctors.

Try to do all you can to get rid of the candida and get your digestive tract functioning properly again. Acid blockers will not do that.

* Response...

Subject: Re: Prilosec and Candida?
Author: Stephen

I know, right? I'm shocked and appalled by my doctor's lack of knowledge. It's embarassing that he is so uninformed about the symptoms of (what I now know is) a very common ailment.

I took the spray that Polly recommended, and I felt immediately better. Now I'm working to get rid of the candida and get my gut back on track. I'll give a better report later.
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