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Total Toxic Load
03-26-2013, 06:29 PM
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Total Toxic Load
SR: I saw a pigeon fall off a building today. It had eaten rat poisoning. I was outraged and saddened. Sometimes we are like innocent pigeons, feeding on things that we think look good, act good, taste good and seem good, yet we are being poisoned and weakened by them. Even though we can read English, boxes of rat poison are written in many different languages and it is up to us to decipher the labels and recognize poisonous packages. We must learn to choose our packages of life carefully. Toxic families, friends, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, foods, houses, thoughts, dental fillings, etc, etc. All these contribute to the toxic load that damages our immune systems. Poisonous things breakdown our body, mind and spirit. Healthy, happy things build up our bodies, minds and spirits. Choose carefully and read packages wisely.

Sally: Yes, we must become aware of our surroundings. Stress, environmental toxins and emotional pain all contribute to the total toxic load. Other toxic burdens that we often overlook are allergies, chemical sensitivities, viruses, bacteria, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances. If you can reduce the total load on the body, and support it correctly, then often the body can heal itself. Many conditions will improve, resolve, and not reoccur. Even those conditions that many doctors would label untreatable or even fatal may resolve spontaneously.

I was a patient mired in ill health with severe physical and neurological disabilities. After numerous doctors (over a span of 8 years) failed to help me, I finally ended up in the office of Sherry Rogers, MD, the head of the Northeast Center for Environmental Medicine in Syracuse, NY. She helped me lessen my total load, and I’ve been candida free for almost two years and in good health for the first time in my life.

Unburdening The Load

Sally: Here are some of the methods by which my doctor helps many people unload these burdens.

Inhalants: Pollens, molds and animal danders can be treated with allergy shots, avoidance and environmental controls. All allergy shots are not equal. Dr. Rogers prefers to use a Neutralization/ Provocation Method that individually titrates a full range of substances (including newly discovered molds that are often not included in standard mixes.) These are tailored to the patient’s needs, unlike the standard mixes that most are familiar with. Cessation of symptoms is usually rapid and severe reactions are rare with this method. The surprise for me here was discovering that I was severely allergic to the lake algae in my municipal water supply. I was already drinking bottled water but installing water filters on taps and showers helped enormously. The decision to sell my sailboat was difficult but necessary. I’d already been so disabled that I’d been unable to sail for 2 years. I’d always had a strong stomach but now I was getting motion sickness on the drive to the boat. The lake algae on the Great Lakes accounted for my immediate and progressive worsening of allergy symptoms after my move here, 30 years ago. Dr. Rogers supplied mold plates for me to expose in my home, which cultured several varieties of mold that I was allergic to. I installed air filters and washed everything with a solution of Borax. Concentrating on a clean bedroom environment gave me a place to recover daily while sleeping and also to retreat to in case of accidental heavy exposures outside my normal environment. If I had been aware of how allergies could escalate and spiral a person down into total disability I would have treated them years ago instead of relying on drugs to just subdue the symptoms.

Food allergies: Testing can help pinpoint these allergies. Testing revealed I was allergic to potatoes, one of my favorite foods. I learned that favorite foods should always be suspect and that nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant) are common hidden food allergies. Delayed reactions to these can include joint pain and arthritis like symptoms. Keeping a food diary is a good method to track your reactions in conjunction with diagnostic, elimination and rotation diets. Food allergy injections should be reserved for the most severely sensitive.

Chemical Sensitivities: Testing for offending substances and then removing them should help. Environmental controls can include removing carpet, synthetic materials (known to out-gas toxins), natural gas utilities, and adopting clean diet. Installing air and water filters helped with this too. In some cases, the most severely ill have relocated to homes that are low in toxic building materials or are old enough to have finished out-gassing. I’ve recently bought an older home and am remodeling it to suit my needs. People who’ve had poor results with standard allergy shots in the past may consider being tested for sensitivity to phenol (a chemical used as a preservative in many standard allergy extracts which also is commonly present in the home or office place.) Phenol and glycerin free allergy extracts are available. If you are considering having allergy shots, inquire about this before starting your tests.

Candida: This was the biggest load of cargo for me and served to worsen my allergies, nutritional deficiencies and digestive problems. Beside a severe candida overgrowth, I tested allergic to the organism, and candida was added to my allergy extracts. Dr. Rogers compares this to a person allergic to cats wearing a cat around their neck. If you are having reoccurrences of candida or taking more than 6 months to rid yourself of symptoms, you best examine what’s in your other boxes and address the next biggest factors for you.

Nutritional Deficiencies: Vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids can become very imbalanced with candida and the average poor diet. Leaky gut and the extra mineral requirements used to carry toxins from the body worsen the situation. Red blood cell assays and a magnesium loading test can be necessary to develop a temporary imbalanced prescription to correct these deficiencies. Digestive enzymes will help with better absorption of food and supplements and also the breaking down of food to reduce allergic food reactions. It has taken me several years to improve my absorption of minerals and have yet to see if this problem resolves completely, so I still need to take daily supplements.

Hormones: Natural hormone balancing and checking for hormone hypersensitivity can be the missing link for some. Estrogen dominance is a common problem in our world today. Besides the use of birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy, many substances contain powerful chemical estrogen mimics (eg pesticides and certain plastics). Also, our meat and milk supplies are tainted with industries’ effort to increase production. Natural progesterone and eating organic became part of my regimen to combat this problem.

Toxins: Heavy metals and volatile organic compounds can be stored in the body for years and can be detected by blood, hair, or urine analysis. I measured high in mercury, cadmium, aluminum, lead, and arsenic. Embarking on a healthy clean diet often results in weight loss and stored toxins from fatty tissue are released into the blood. The macrobiotic diet is very therapeutic for clearing toxins from the body and many people have reported the “macrobiotic discharge” during this cleansing period. This is evidenced in a temporary worsening of symptoms during an interim between toxins releasing from fatty tissues and the body working to remove them from the blood. I cannot say that I felt an obvious “discharge” but my blood levels of these toxins rose with my weight lose. A lab test called the “liver detox panel” revealed a deficiency in the balance of my detox pathways. Candida toxins can bottleneck some of these detox pathways allowing toxins that a healthy person would normally clear to accumulate in the body. Supplements are available to enhance and balance the detoxification system in order to speed the exiting of toxins rather than having them redeposit in different areas of the body. Proper mineral balance is also involved here to carry out toxins. All the methods here were part of my healing. After much encouragement, I was persuaded to try coffee retention enemas. I was relieved to find they were mild and very helpful in stimulating the liver to flush.

Stress: It is well known that stress will make any condition worse, knocking down the immune system and inhibiting digestion and absorption of nutrients. Having some form of good support system --- whether it is friends, family or a support group (like “The Healthy Awareness Candida Forum”) --- can be very therapeutic. Stress reduction techniques like Yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis, imaging, or avoidance of stress can all add to your health and well-being. An angry person will never heal and stress also accelerates aging and allergies.

Miscellaneous: Genetics, thyroid problems, hypoglycemia, histamine, serotonin, heparin, GABA, dopamine, acetylcholine, viral vaccines, etc. This list is long and exemplifies the importance of treating every individual differently in the assessment of each one’s total load. Treating one problem can often improve another.

Mystery Box: Beside the yet undiscovered problems, tests and treatments, this category includes patient compliance, sticking with your regimen and constantly learning. Implementing existing methods and new discoveries will guarantee your continued good health.

The rare individual may need to enter an environmental unit in order to unload enough toxins to start the healing process. The beach or the mountains are inexpensive alternatives to this and can prove beneficial to many.

Books by Sherry Rogers, MD

Sally: Dr. Rogers is insistent about patient education and has written many books designed to put the patients in control of their health. Her goal is for us not to need her. I’ve read them all and they have given me the power of knowledge that has been the path to my continued improvement. Her monthly newsletters, “Total Wellness,” keep me up to date on the most current health information and new treatments. Her books may be ordered from your local library to save money, but I’ve found that owning them allows me to refer back to information as needed. If you wish to purchase Dr. Rogers’ books or monthly newsletters, call 1-800-846-6687.

No More Heartburn --- This is her most recent book. It concentrates on the digestive tract, includes methods to diagnose and options to treat many common digestive problems. It has an excellent section on candida and lists what are the best supplements to treat each problem and where to get them. It also lets you know when you need a doctor and what you can treat yourself. This book is a must have!

E.I. Syndrome --- This book on Environmental Illness covers allergies, chemical sensitivities, candida, nutritional deficiencies, and toxins.

Tired or Toxic --- More on allergies but is packed with many inexpensive changes that you can make to improve your home environment. Fully referenced it emphasizes common medical blunders in conventional treatment of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and how common drugs promote the disease process.

Depression Cured at Last --- Concentrates on causes and cures in the area of brain function. Goes in depth on the role of nutritional deficiencies and the current inefficient standards to establish them.

Macro Mellow --- Introduction to the macrobiotic transition diet, great for high cholesterol and heart disease. Creative menus allow cooking one meal that the whole family will enjoy.

You Are What You Ate --- Modified macrobiotics for candida, chemically sensitive, mysterious undiagnosable illnesses, or allergies.

The Cure is in the Kitchen --- The full macro diet including healing stage diet that is renowned for curing cancers. Dr. Rogers consulted and studied with Michio Kushi to develop this program.

Wellness Against All Odds --- The mechanisms of healing the “impossible” including end stage cancers, after exhausting all that medicine has to offer- complete with scientific references. (For the most severely ill)

Chemical Sensitivity --- 48 page booklet with scientific references is a good introduction to the subject and can be used to educate your physician or insurance company.

The Scientific Basis for Selected Environmental Medicine Techniques --- Small book containing scientific evidence and references that validate treatment methods. Good primer for those who seek treatment rather than masking symptoms with drugs. Usable as evidence in insurance disputes or in educating school personnel, attorneys, and doctors.

©2002 by Polly Hattemer, also known as Pauline Hattemer
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