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yeast overgrowth child
03-26-2013, 06:43 PM
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yeast overgrowth child
It is not enough to deliver probiotic cells alive, deep into the intestinal tract. The probiotics must be awakened with a prebiotic nutrient to begin multiplying. The nutrient is LactoStim which is a combination of sunflower lecithin and oleic acid. Four patents are pending on LactoStim. Unlike most prebiotics utilizing soluble fiber like FOS and Inulin, LactoStim® is effective in small quantities allowing it to fit in the probiotics capsule! Only THERALAC® contains LactoStim®. (1)


*Author: maria
I am new to this sight and I am desperate. I live in the Detroit area-Michigan and am looking for someone Dr./ naturalpath to help my 4 year old daughter. For 9 months she has had terrible gastrointestinal problems,night sweats/been on lots of antibitics, ithces all over/several vaginal yeast infections and I feel she has severe yeast in her gut. No regular MD that we have seen will recognize yeast.
I want to go to someone who will help us diagnose it and treat it. We have been to doctors almost weekly with so many symptoms, but no diagnosis, so I know it is yeast.
Help, anyone who knows of a dr. in Michigan who specializes in yeast? thank you ..

*Author: Justin
My 3 year old suffers too here in MN.

All I can say for sure is to get him on a good probiotic to start with.

There are many. As of now I really think Theralac is the best.

Stay away from sugars. Even apple juice.

Good luck.

*Author: maria
THanks Justin for the advice. what kind of a doctor do you take your 3 year old to? I have found that most pieditricains minimize it and I am angry.

*Author: Justin
Most American doctors don't listen.
Candida is not taught in med school. Therefore it is not real.

Trust your gut. Listen to your child. No sugar. Every time my son has sugar he tells me his butt exploded. It's hard.

I mix 1 capsule in yogurt everymorning for him. Sometimes 2.

In the Twin Cities there are tons of Natrual Medicine doctors. There's a college here. People earn degrees, some even have a M.D. and a Natural Medicine degree.

Read and read. I'm not sure there is a cure, but there is treatment. I know that probiotics are a must.

Get a good one with many different strains.

As I said I really like Theralac.

And keep asking questions.

*Author: Kelly
HI Maria,

I'm from Michigan too - I did find one naturopath close to me (Sanford) in Flint: I didn't end up seeing her due to cost. Here's a link to her site:

Did you try the outlying areas of detroit - Rochester Hills, Troy, etc? It seems like you might be able to find one nearer than this one. You also might want to call her office and see if there is anyone closer to you that she might recommend.

A cheaper probiotic than therelac (if cost is an issue) that has worked pretty well for me is culturelle. You can ask for it at most drug stores, and they will order it for you. It has research to back it up, so even the medical docs sometimes will prescribe it (my son's pediatrician did).

I've found using diluted grapefruit seed extract - you can get it at most health food stores - as a douche helped me get rid of my vaginal infections, and wasn't as harsh as other over the counter creams. Use about 3 drops to 8 ounces of water.

You'll need to get her on a good antifungal - there are so many choices - so you will want to research the net and this site to learn more about it. Use the search link above to find posts and you can also go to the main page - clikc the healthyawarness picture on the top left corner of this page and then look at the articles.
Much of what you'll see are excerpts from Polly Hattemer's books - which are very helpful. Polly will send you the PDF files if you are interested - they are also posted on the web if you google them.

Justin is right - keep her sugar/carb grams low if you can - I know that's hard with a 4 year old!
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